iamMoney was born out of the desire to change people’s relationship with money - permanently.

Real products, with real solutions for you, not just a pretty app.


Pushing the tide of change, iamMoney understands that someone’s financial position is a combination of their behavior and their circumstances.


By understanding both separately, it is possible to make far better decisions as they relate to an individual’s long-term financial future.


Constantly reviewing and improving your financial decisions.


It is shown that even an annual review of your finances and good adjustments can see a person 2.75 times wealthier over 15 years than

someone that doesn’t.


Through education, tools and resources, iamMoney equips customers to become empowered and independent financially. 

iamMoneys’ success to date has been built on the support of incredible strategic investors, bringing both capital and experience to the table. We are always open to work with people and institutions that believe in our journey and the undoubted success.


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