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Adventurous travel and working abroad take money and organization.  iamUnbound™ introduces you iam’s innovative banking services to support the kind of life you want to lead. iam will combine money, debt and investment management and will strive to Extend the financial wellness and freedom of all those who bank with us.

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with innovation you come to expect.  Machine learning constantly monitoring and advising members on their spending behaviour in real-time.  Contextual guidance giving reactive guidance to spending decisions to provide real life feedback to users on what their last purchase means for the future.  Advanced personal finance management to support members in making better financial decisions.


A unique currency exchange product which allows our members to bypass the hassle of changing money.  It’s designed to solve many of the pains that members are faced with when going abroad – from getting timely access to their cash, having to worry about changing back unused currency and getting fair exchange rates for their chosen currency.



Concentrate on work and travel while you invest.  Enabling our members to invest as they spend, by off-setting purchases with small investments in appropriate Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Bonds.  Member spend is rounded up to the nearest US dollar equivalent, and the amount is then invested in recommended stocks and shares to build a small investment portfolio.



Instant, pre-approved loans designed perfectly for freelancers and members with irregular incomes or short-term funding gaps.  Instead of turning to costly alternatives during downtimes, iam will step in and be there when our members really need us.

reward & repay


collect while you spend. As they spend, our members will be able to benefit from cashback on their purchases through our retail partners.  They can choose to enjoy the extra funds, put it toward their debt repayments, or use our investment products to build an investment portfolio for the future.

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