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By Nicky Sullivan


A good doctor is the one who can look at the big picture for each of their patients. The 42-year-old guy coming in with headaches may just be dehydrated. The 23-year-old woman with back-pain is pushing too hard in the gym.


There are a million reasons for physical distress and a decent doctor knows how to narrow the field by understanding as much about their patient as they possibly can. 


We think banking should be the same. In fact, iamMoney aims to do more than that. In the same way that preventive healthcare is designed to keep you out of harm’s way, iamMoney is offering preventive financial healthcare, designed to keep your finances as fit, strong and healthy as they can be. 


We do that by making our relationship with each client a personal one, based on their individual wants, needs and desires. By understanding what makes you tick, our goal is to keep you out of hock.  


iamMoney is a new diversified financial services business, employing the latest blockchain and AI technology that allows us to get to know our clients; not just for yesterday and today, but for how they will be in the future. This knowledge allows us to predict when decisions might lead to trouble down the road and to tailor solutions that make financial decision-making simpler and infinitely less painful. 


iamMoney CEO and founder, Lee Travers, believes passionately in the kind of banking that does not leave people staring down the barrel of a financial gun because of a few bad decisions in the past. He wanted to create a business that worked with its customers, by understanding them and engaging with their unique circumstances, to help them make better decisions - while still living the life they want.

He wanted to create a financial service provider that would offer solutions that allow people to live their lives as freely and fully as possible, without stress and without incurring the karmic kick that usually comes with overlooking the details. 


iamMoney predicts your future and maps your spending on to it so that decisions taken today do not result in painful encounters with reality in the future. Instead, it works out solutions. 


Red, yellow and green flag coding on transactions tell clients - without having to check their balance - whether they’re in the clear to book a much-needed holiday on their credit card. If it’s tight, we’ll tell you and you can consider an alternative option for financing it. We’ll even offer an extremely affordable ‘bridging’ loan to cover income gaps, or unforeseen spending. 


Moreover, iamMoney has developed an extraordinary system that allows clients to save as they spend. By purchasing goods and services through partner retailers and service providers, iamMoney customers enjoy a reward system that can be credited to their account, or used to pay off loans. 


This is why iamMoney is ideal for the world’s growing army of workers who do not fit conventional employment patterns; workers to whom conventional financial services are simply not available because they do not tick conventional banks’ very limited range of boxes. 


At the same time, iamMoney is designed for families. Our multi-generational products allow members of the same family to pool assets, resources and credibility in order to give a leg-up to the ones that need it. Creating a “living heritage” unlocks the door to stability and security for all that the current economy is steadily turning the key on. 


iamMoney builds futures. 

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