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For many, travel is about escape.  It comes once a year as a chance to just switch off.  Whether it’s a package holiday, a cruise, camping or sipping Piña Coladas poolside in Spain, it’s about getting away from the ordinary, the 9-to-5, the grind.  However, some of us seek more adventurous, broadening and lifechanging experiences. ​Building upon the well-known adage ‘SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO GET LOST TO FIND YOURSELF’

this travel service is the ultimate experience for providing people with truly transformative travel. Disconnect, engage in the moment, smash comfort zones and ultimately, discover a new sense of self and satisfaction.


iamUnbound™ takes you to the unknown, uncharted destinations and propels you to explore like never before.  It’s game-changing journeys (under the distant watch of a dedicated support team) to find your inner steel, expand perspectives and to truly Live.

How does it work?


from a Get Lost Travel Expert on how lost you want to get


the environment to get lost in, such as ‘jungle’ or ‘polar’ (or roll the dice and let us decide for you!)


to ensure success for your specific terrain


at your destination and be provided with the appropriate kit


as you get underway, that the Experienced Expeditions Operations Team are monitoring you all the way


your way through a series of mapped out check-in points using cutting-edge navigation technology


the completion of a metaphoric, life-defining journey

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