real-time nudges

  • iamMoney constantly monitors our members in real time so we can offer insightful and invaluable guidance on spending behaviour

  • Our machine-learning technology gives gentle nudges at the right moments to support smarter financial decision-making

  • We do the hard work for you


  • Our low-cost alternative to payday loans offers short-term finance aimed squarely at meeting those unexpected expenses everyone faces from time time to time

  • bounceback™ follows a simple model, giving qualifying members access to microloans on terms that are designed to suit their needs and profile

  • We are here to work with our members, not to benefit from their financial difficulties

cash back

  • By spending with an iamMoney credit or debit card at up to 39,000 retail partners, members automatically generate funds that can be saved or put towards paying down loans

  • We’re here to guide you every step of the way

savings and rewards

  • iamMoney’s debit card offers the same benefits as a credit card reward scheme

  • Unlike other reward schemes that offer points or vouchers that must then be exchanged for money, iam Money members can use their rewards to save, repay loans or invest in their future

  • We let you choose what’s best for you

smart money management

  • iamMoney does more than transact and report on funds

  • We deliver what our members' lifestyles demand, and provide them with in-the-moment experiences, adding real value that benefits everyone


  • A bank card tied to your mortgage that allows you to spread home expenses over decades

  • No more payday loans at monstrous interest rates

  • Maintain and improve your home without killing your cash flow

  • We’re building your future with you

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